About Us

You’ve got projects. We’ve got the equipment you need to get ’em done.

When you’re in the market to buy new equipment, or upgrade your current equipment, the two most important questions you need to know before you buy are:

1. Will this equipment get the job done (now and for years into the future)?
2. Am I getting this equipment from the right place?

All of our team members are well trained and highly educated about all the equipment we sell. We focus exclusively on equipment. Residential
Equipment… Commercial Equipment… Construction Equipment….Farm Equipment. We don’t dilute our knowledge and focus by selling lumber and paint brushes and kitchen sinks. Equipment. That’s it. We live and breathe equipment. When you talk with us, our goal is to get you the information you need to make the right decision. Our goal isn’t to sell you stuff. We don’t do high pressure sales. If the right decision is to buy our equipment it’ll happen. We don’t need to get all “used-car-salesy” about it. (What’s it going to take to get you into this zero turn riding lawn mower today?) We only sell high quality equipment. There are a lot of brands and models of equipment we don’t sell because have a reputation to keep. We believe in making customers for life and that only happens with a knowledgeable staff, selling a high quality product at a good price.

If you’d rather buy stuff that’ll break from someone who doesn’t know any better…well there’s lots of places you can do that. But there’s only one Minnesota Equipment (technically there’s 5, conveniently spread out across the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area…but that doesn’t have the same ring to it).

So…about these projects. Let’s get started.