In Store – Service Shops

Service/Inspections Overview

  • Our in-shop service/inspection is recommended for older machines that are likely to require additional repairs.
  • We service and repair all makes of lawn and garden tractors and mowers.
  • Pick up and delivery of your machine is available
  • Contact the service department at the Minnesota Equipment location nearest you for pricing and to schedule your machines service to keep it operating reliably.

Service/Inspections Include

  • Change oil & Filter
  • Change spark plug(s)
  • Change fuel filter
  • Clean / replace air filter
  • Level mower deck
  • Grease and lube
  • Sharpen & balance blades
  • Clean engine compartment
  • Inspect tire pressures
  • Inspect battery & terminals
  • Inspect transmission belt
  • Inspect mower belts
  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspect steering & brakes
  • Test all operations & prepare repair estimate