Determining Which John Deere Z-Trak Mower is Right For You

Purchasing a new riding mower is a decision worth researching. If you’ve determined that the zero-turn capabilities of the John Deere Z-Trak mower series are what will best get the job done for you and your lawn, we’d say you’re definitely on the right path to making a wise investment. But for those of you who are still deciding on which Z-Trak is the right fit for the task at hand, here is a breakdown of some key features for a selection of John Deere’s models:

For Fewer Fill-Ups and Reduced Filter Maintenance.

The John Deere Z525E boasts a 25 HP V-Twin cyclonic engine, which is an impressive amount of power for its comparatively ‘lightweight’ 674-pound frame. Perhaps more importantly, the cyclonic feature on this specific engine removes larger pieces of debris from the mower’s system before they reach the air filter, which leads to significantly less frequent filter maintenance. The Z525E also holds about a gallon more gasoline than many other mowers in its class, allowing you to cut for longer between necessary fill-ups.

For Superior Traction and a Wider Mouth

The John Deere Z540R sports a pair of front caster wheels which, coupled with a pair of large rear drive wheels, offers its driver superior traction. The 60” model not only offers wider leg room, it can cover and cut 6 more inches in diameter with every turn. Topping out at around 9 miles per hour.this may be worth a long look for projects that don’t quite require the coverage of Z700 model, but still need to cover more ground than other Z500 models.

For a Long Life and a Smooth Ride

If you’re needing a mower to handle a bigger undertaking, but are hesitant to commit to a Z700-series price tag, The John Deere Z730M offers a great value at a fraction of the cost of its peers. With a smooth and powerful 24 HP V-Twin engine, ComfortGlide suspension, and an 8 gallon tank, this is a long-term investment that is sure to pay dividends. It also has a warranty to back up this guarantee, covering the mower for up to 4 years or 750 riding hours: that’s 50% more hours than the Z500 class.

For Getting The Big Job Done, Quick

The John Deere Z740R is the blue-chip mower for those who need to get a big job done quickly, and enjoy doing so. Topping out at 10 MPH and equipped with a 4-year / 1000-hour warranty, there’s not much to complain about when committing to this top-of-class Z-Trak model. Furthermore, it’s topped with a 24” seat with fully adjustable mechanical suspension, guaranteeing you a comfortable and productive ride, and a big job done well, every time.

We’ll Help You Find Your Match

We at Minnesota Equipment pride ourselves on the knowledgeable, personable, and reliable service we offer. Any time you walk into one of our locations, our team will be there to walk you through what you need to get the job done, and provide any advice you need along the way. We won’t simply help you find what you’re looking for: we want to be a part of what you’re doing. Stopy by any of our Minnesota locations, or give us a call at 763-428-4107. We look forward to hearing from you, and getting you up on one of our John Deere Z-Trak mowers soon.

We can smell that fresh-cut lawn already!