Gravely ZT 42 XL Zero-Turn Mower (Kawasaki)

The Gravely ZT 42 XL zero-turn mower is the perfect mower to help you tackle any property maintenance you have. The ZT 42 XL zero-turn mower has been crafted with operator comfort, performance, and durability in mind. Additionally, the ZT 42 XL zero-turn mower features a Kawasaki FR651 engine that outputs 21 HP to mulch even the toughest terrain and longest grass. Paired with a 42” cutting deck, you can do more with fewer passes, saving you time. Gravely has also engineered the ZT 42 XL zero-turn mower with 7 cutting positions, a fuel sight gauge, easy entry and exit, and a spacious operating station to ensure that you are comfortable and mow at peak efficiency when this season. Gravely made the ZT 42 XL zero-turn mower to be as tough as the people who ride with a tube chassis design and sturdy steel construction. 

A Tradition 100 Years In The Making

Since Gravely’s first patent was awarded in 1916, making functional, quality, and lasting equipment has been a priority. Because of this, Gravely provides equipment that helps shape the beautiful American landscape that we love. They have spent time talking to the people that actually use their products. Because of this, Gravely engineers machines to work for those that are doing the work. Gravely is constantly innovating, and creating new ways to save time and money moving the industry forward.

Commitment to Quality

Minnesota Equipment is proud to carry Gravely’s products. Whether you are doing heavy-duty work, or just work around the yard, we carry a Gravely for the job. We respect the commitment to quality that Gravely practices, and want to pass on that quality to our customers. Visit our Knowledge Center for more information on Gravely products, or to see all of our trusted brands and find a location near you, navigate back to our home page.