John Deere X570 48″ Riding Lawn Mower

Tackle your task list this season with the X570 riding lawn mower from John Deere. This powerful machine features an iTorque™ power system that outputs 24 HP that keeps the blades turning through even the thickest lawns. The 48-inch Accel Deep™ formed-steel mower deck provides an efficient cut with an unparalleled cutting width.  The sturdy construction helps this machine go above and beyond and take inclines and varied terrain. Because with John Deere’s 4-year/500 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty, you know you’re covered. Additionally, the X570 has available attachments that make it useful to you year-round. Don’t wait to add this high-performance machine to your rotation today.

Tradition of Durability

The John Deere X570 riding lawn mower is built up to the high standards of John Deere. Since the first plow was invented in 1837 by the blacksmith the company owes its name to, John Deere has been committed to providing quality products that last. To this day, products are built to the highest standard of quality. They are also made to support those that are linked to the land. John Deere builds their parts and machines right here in the midwest.  That’s because they are a part of the community, not some nameless face. John Deere builds equipment meant to last generations, which is why green and gold are synonyms with quality. 

Commitment to Quality

Minnesota Equipment is proud to carry John Deere’s products. Whether you are doing heavy-duty work, or just work around the yard, we carry a John Deere for the job. We respect the commitment to quality that John Deere practices, and want to pass on that quality to our customers. Visit our Knowledge Center for more information on John Deere products, or to see all of our trusted brands and find a location near you, navigate back to our home page.